Most businesses consider contracts a necessary evil for conducting business. The days of a hand shake and one’s word have passed for most businesses. Well defined and comprehensive contracts are a must for business transactions. We work with our clients to design and implement a host of contracts for their day to day business operations.


With over fifteen years of business and legal experience we know something about resolving disputes. We strive to serve our clients and resolved their issues at the lowest possible level and only when a conflict is unresolved due we recommend more complex, time consuming and costly means such as litigation.


Businesses of all sizes require structure. We specialize in the registration of companies in several jurisdictions including Texas, Nevada and Mexico. Most local companies choose the Texas business structure, however there are other options depending on your needs. We can work with you to determine what is the best structure and location for your new enterprise.


We have assisted hundreds of companies with more effectively managing their business operations. Most businesses will tell you they only call their lawyer when there is a problem. Our goal is to be involved in the business at the earliest point to avoid legal problems in the future.